50+% fashion goods sales aggregator

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer
Our company 2for1 Inc is developing Mobile application to help fashionistas do not overpay while shopping by providing them a fashion goods sales catalog with discounts more then 50%. 
We are using azure machine learning, analytical algorithms, filters, automated push, Whatsapp&Viber notifications. 
Since we're Discovery Commerce to count our market we use our competitors' data. Say Pinterest has 70M users and we think that they've only captured 50%, so our market at least 70M. Each user can spend $100 in our app, which comes out to be 7B. 
We plan to reach our customers via social networks, fashion blogs, and using the viral tools such as referral program, promo codes, discounts and forecasting to increase the number of users. 
We are developing a free app where user can track best deals and buy them directly in the store's website. We decided to use the freemium model (Discovery Commerce), and charge users for the subscription and additional feature.

We look for a partner biz. dev or marketer.
Located Bay area was prefer.

Additional Info