Making travel affordable

Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
There are four main large purchases in every persons life; A house, car, college and traveling.  Every single one of those except travel has an alternative way to pay for it, ie; straight cash, loan or state/government assistance.  Yet traveling is just as important as the other 3 if not the most single important aspect in everyone's life.  Traveling teaches you about other cultures, being able to touch history with your bare hands and see it with your own eyes.  Traveling also helps take the weight off your shoulders from the stresses of work or at home, bringing you closer together with your family or to yourself.  

My business idea has two main points to it.  The main point of the business would be to have a funding website to collect funds for the customers trip.  The customer would put in the vacation their looking to go on, a dollar amount they're looking to receive and an end date that they need the money by.  Anyone would be able to donate to their vacation.  The second part of the business would be a consulting service to help the customer budget for their trip and offer incentives when goal is close to being reached.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea