Making local bands global stars

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer

Love new music? Who doesn’t? But despite the explosion in technology and social media the music industry is as it was 50 years ago. You either listen to what the record industry tells you to or you listen to local bands. But I believe this has to change. Why shouldn’t local bands be global bands? Why shouldn’t we decide what to listen to? I believe in the unsigned, the underdogs, the true backbone of all that is great in music.


As a result i’ve created an MVP of what I believe helps readdress this imbalance.

The idea is that artists upload their music which is then entered into a battle between themselves and a highly voted artist. The user then watches the two videos and votes for a winner with the option of adding this music to a playlist. Once the user is happy they can move on to the next battle and repeat.

What i’m looking for

Take a look at the site. I think OK describes it nicely? But it definitely needs a designers touch. I also don’t have an app. Once we have a site/app ready for the public we would also need someone to market the it.

Do you like the idea and have any of these skills. Do you like the idea and have other skills to offer. Please get in contact and we can talk.

Additional Info