Making fund raising so simple as if "Money Grows on Tree"!

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager, Sales person
We’re currently setting the groundwork for development of an innovative and first of its kind web application for finance marketplace to provide an end to end online platform for any potential client seeking funding and banks / investors. Our mission is to simplify the entire funding process with the help of technology. All it will have is a simple interface for clients to put their requirements in the form of a project proposals, upload necessary personal, financial and other information as are necessary for any bank / investor to appreciate the project which will open up a large market for banks / investors for them to select suitable project proposals to go ahead with. For, bank / investor, it will have a simple interface to go through a large project database to select from depending on their own criteria of funding. A private area for both the parties to exchange chats and information and a few calculators like home loan eligibility calculator, mortgage loan eligibility calculators, etc. We also intend to add many more features as mentioned in our landing page in the web application in the next phases. While our industry is the financial sector, our target market is retail and business clients, both seeking debt or equity funding. Our application tool will be free for our clients and does not have any similar player in the Industry either in India and probably globally. In the longer term, we wish to make funding transparent, simple, efficient and quick for our clients and to provide large marketplace, to address credit quality concerns and to reduce operating costs for our banking / investor partners.

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