Luxury romantic journeys in Europe for customers from Taiwan and China

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Amoviom is a Swiss travel boutique specialized in organising and conducting beautiful romantic journeys in Europe. We focus on honeymoons but also love to create amazing anniversary voyages or the perfect trip for a proposal.

Amoviom focuses exclusively on Asian honeymooners, who want to experience Europe in its truest fashion. Full of luxury, exciting experiences and unforgettable memories, we help to craft magical journeys - once in a lifetime experiences.

Every journey is unique and individually tailored based on the interests and desires of our customers combined with our vast knowledge of Europe. We offer complete trips, including the booking of flights, hotels, restaurants as well as full-fledged service during the entire trip through a personal travel concierge.

To maintain the exclusive character of the Amoviom experience, we organise only a limited number of journeys per year.

Additional Info

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  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: publicly launched