Searching for my "Woznyak" UP!!!

Looking for: Developer, Other
!!!UPD!!!This is cool that a lot of people reacted to my post buy please please please consider reading concepts profile and cofounder profile I am searching for (links are provided) before suggesting doing business together. As a first step in long adventure I really need  Cofounder-developer only. It is is great that marketing, sales and people with other profile also expressed interest in working together and I  surely will take note of them but .....I really in search of "Wozniak" first of all and for me as "quantum leader" it is really critical to have "right" people at "right" place when it concerns core team.

TO make long story short

I understand that it is 1 out of 1 000 000 chance but first of I really want to find THE cofounder for a long adventure full of synergy resulting in creating cool tech products.  I have strong believe that idea itself is nothing without right people behind it.
For more information on confounder search please see in Ru/En 

I have disruptive ideas and can create more quite fast and easily.  High level concepts profile at 

I am very open person and  will be delighted to start conversation.

Additional Info