Searching for my "Woznyak" or 7 Abouts

Looking for: Developer, Other
ABOUT Vision

There are several concepts  with disruptive elements and global scalability. Most of them based on sharing economy business model (Airbnb, uber  like). Rest are games concepts.

Ultimate goal:  from  passion to change world for the better coming from both cofounders,  synergy in collaboration, through challenges, falls and wins which we will face together to create umbrella company (Adobe, Google  like) which operates series of products.

High level top priority concepts profile is available at


Once in an IT chat after my long story what I want to create and whom I am searching for one smart guy gave me a tip: “You shouldn’t go in that long very much detailed story. Just write  - I AM SEARCHING FOR MY WOZNIAK”. It was so to the point that, actually, I could  finish this announcement on technical cofounder search just on that phrase.  So, if you are “Wozniak” don’t waste your time and just let me know about you. If you still prefer to read and dive into details of the announcement you are welcome to proceed.

It is very much desired that on top of the technical and management skills you are powerful visionary in technological aspect of humanity development (e.g. technological milestones outlined in movies: Terminator, Surrogates, Matrix). To make it clear.  I am visionary myself and possession of vision with almost same vector and amplitude  will help to seed effective interaction from the beginning.  At the end of the day it will result in:

  • Significant time saving on discussions/decision making as a result of accelerated rapport(without necessity to clarify obvious or predictable things)
  • Cultivation of healthy business/working processes;
  • Foundation of core and basic values of the partnership and future company;
  • Partnership establishment meeting following criteria: long term, exciting, driving, mutually reinforcing and developing.

Brief wish list on cofounder  profile (of course, if you are “Wozniak” and ready to prove it these formalities are excessive) :

  • 5+ PQE in development on leading/senior roles in system integrator, having developed something scalable and high load. Ideally, a person created solution architecture. Alternatively,  alike experience in game development.

*proven experience in launching successful startups/projects or engagement with third parties projects (successful doesn’t equal to profitable ones here. I understand the word “success”  much wider) is also considered.

  • Crossfunctional full stack multitasker - a person with hands on working experience, able to create prototype, work with designers, editors and other developers etc.
  • English – fluent with professional terminology,
  • Leader – let it be not almighty leader but a leader in its field for sure, a person able in any situation to take solely full responsibility for the result of the team created and able to cross finish line whatever it costs.
  • Possessor of “zest/highlight” - the magic part of the personality  makes it standing out of the crowd and will have its continuation in developed unique solutions and products, enabling opportunity to create competitive advantages and one of a kind brand identity


Talented visionary both on macro and micro levels, able quickly to find both ordinary and out of the box solutions in complex situations.   Area of my interests is focused on sharing economy, market place and games projects.

Brief profile

  • 10+ PQE in legal profession in various roles (inhouse and consultant) in big companies including international operating in different industries (Retail, FMCG, Direct Sales, e-commerce, Consulting, Manufacturing, e-Commerce etc, Education etc.)
  • 20+ IT&Games industry awareness and some relative engagements.
  • 5+ in side projects in various areas – business (legal and business consultancy, one-time events), social (founding and development of communities including online), art (photo, cards, animation). Most of the projects were hobbies or non-commercial.
  • English – fluent with business and legal terminology.
  • Crossfunctional strategy visionary, multitasker, leader.

ABOUT Mission

I believe in a high level of self-dependence, self-organization and self-governance of the people, determination of their destiny and welfare. Every day technological progress proves more and more that this is real, providing people more opportunities to exchange information, form impactful social opinion, make collective decisions, become participants of economical relationships etc.

This is why I would love to find cofounder who is passionate about not just creating cool  profitable product but about contributing  in creating infrastructure/environment,  facilitating:

  • progressive changes in consciousness, behavior pattern and vision of the future;
  • increase of personal wealth and self-dependence level and self-organization and self-governance of the society;
  • change world for the better

ABOUT Values

- maximum self-fulfillment,  based on the principle “no limits for perfection”, especially if it concerns the product designated for end user;

- open mind  and readiness for constant sustainable moving forward;

- passion for what you do, what means not only  enjoyment by the process, but by ability to achieve desired result;

- unconditional state of happiness, love and inner harmony, as the more we have it, the more  chances to change world for the better;

- kindness, integrity, responsibility and other obvious human being values.

ABOUT Miscellaneous

 my expectations from partnership  are quite simple:  

1) extremely driving synergy aimed at creation of really loved,  needed technological products changing the world for the better;

2) opportunity for self-development, building and developing professional teams and “healthy” eco-system within context of the aforementioned mission.

ABOUT Contacts


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype: Ilyas.mukharlyamov


Founder2be:  MIRREX

Enjoy your life )

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