Looking for Marketing/Digital Marketing/Ecommerce help or co-founder

Looking for: Marketer
Looking for Marketing/Digital Marketing/Ecommerce help or co-founder: 

I come from +12 years in fashion/garment product development/production and retail buying/merchandising, but my true passion is running...so I combined the two to create OnlyAtoms: 

OnlyAtoms is a men's & women's running & fitness clothing brand designed in Brooklyn & manufactured in New York City. Founded by a fashion industry insider who’s also an avid endurance runner & long-time, well-known member of NYC's running community, OnlyAtoms merges high quality & stylish design together with athletic performance & functionality. 

Launched under a year ago, we have paying customers, good traction, fast-growing following, and a great team of advisors. Marketing co-founder much be passionate, hard-working, dedicated, energetic, ready to dive in and to growing the business and brand together.

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