Looking for iOS Developer in San Francisco

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Here's the product we want to build: http://rithm.quickmvp.com

The idea is to allow people to visit a construction site via 360 photos on a website. This will work hand in hand with an iOS app that will allow users to easily capture 360 photos using a 360 camera. We've validated it extensively with many customers which are confident will bring tremendous value to the construction industry. The idea itself has gotten some customers so excited that we've already closed $60K in pre-sales (in a kickstarter-like fashion) without having even written a single line of code for the product after a little over 1 week of customer engagement, and we expect to get more commitments in the coming weeks. It helps that we have strong market credibility and close relationships with happy existing customers from our other apps. 
That's where you'll come in. We've got to deliver by October. We are looking to hire an iOS Developer who has experienced in SWIFT and the latest iOS development technologies. We already have an iOS App established that had been developed by a service development firm. 

We want to take this to a full seed round ($1-$1.5M). The problem and market we're addressing would put us at a $100 million valuation in 3-4 years (based on our advisors who have achieved similar exits). I've got strong existing investor relationships with a track record for execution. 
Will give solid $$$ and % depending on skills/experience. We will need the developer to either be in the Bay Area, or willing to relocate to the Bay Area. 

Additional Info