Looking for Entrepreneurial Business Developer/Product Manager

Looking for: Biz developer
Hiring a biz developer/ product manager with entrepreneurial drive for a service based in California.. CURRENTLY IN PRE-LAUNCH AND HIGH EQUITY INVOLVED!

I have a great company idea with potential of being a million dollar business within 3-5 years! I have already validated my idea, have receive good and bad feedback but all it needed was development. My company idea is Dupo Technologies, a start up that serves small businesses that deal heavily with cash or cash only businesses with their cash deposits. This is what I want my service to do:

Through our app, the business owner or manager type the amount they need to deposit.

They pay a fee of $15 or less depending on how much they need to deposit.

After paying that fee automatically an associate of our company will be presented through the screen so the biz owner can identify him when arrival of collecting the money (our associates will not have dress code to protect them from potential assaults, just ID). 

After the associate collects the cash profits of the business, he will notify the associate in charge of making a transfer to the business bank account of the amount he needed deposited.

Saving time and money for everyone! 

I would like to do this because biz owners have the problem of hiding the money because of fear of the IRS assuming the cash is from illegal activities and banks are very superstitious of frequent small, medium to large deposits. I have read cases that the IRS seizes funds of business accounts from innocent business owners because of inappropriate deposits.

I believe my company can help these businesses in saving them time and money. Armored Transport is very expensive and there is no other industry doing this. We would be a monopoly! 

Right now I am trying to present my company idea to potential customers around San Francisco and since I live currently in Puerto Rico it is not going very well. Email and phone calls are no use to these businesses that have constant work to do since is a fast pace environment. 

My background is in sales and marketing, in a few weeks I start my last semester in college graduating in May 2016 of Marketing. After that I will move to California, but if I find opportunity to create the company now I am more than willing to go now and make it happen.

I will enclose the website of Dupo


Prototype of the app 

Next week I will have a video explainer of the company service! After I am sure I have at least 5-10 customers I will need to find a developer in California interested in joining me and make fundraising in Kickstarter. Later I will pursue venture capital and investors. 


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