Looking for an investor with a marketing background for a student freelance a job platform

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person

Student Engine's purpose is to connect businesses with 'up and coming' talented young people across the UK who are looking to either provide freelance services to businesses, at lower than usual costs in order to gain both experience and build portfolios prior to graduation, or use their experience’s, skills and recommendations from StudentEngine.co.uk to find employment.

I am looking for someone who can share my passion for helping young people succeed and has skills in SEO, and all round digital marketing. Ideally someone that is willing to speak in front of people with passion about the idea and can grab attention.

If you have raised investment before then that is a bonus, but must be confidant.

Student Engine is at an exciting point; the website will be live in the forthcoming month, just completed a comical explainer video which will run along side a kickstarter campaign, appearing on radio shows and in the newspaper. We will also be planning events at universities and colleges.

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