Deposit cash and coins in your account with your smartphone. Looking for a co-founder app developer.

Looking for: Developer
Small/cash businesses deal with cash notes and coins the majority of transactions. 
Numerous banks do not accept large amounts of money because majorly they do not know where the money comes from. Banks are very skeptical of were these individuals get these large amounts of direct cash. 
The IRS can seize large amounts of cash deposits if you do it the wrong way and it works both for individuals and small businesses. 
If you withdraw or deposit more than $10,000 into your bank account, your bank has to report it the government; and if you do the same with less than $10,000 (the law doesn’t state how much exactly) they can accuse you of trying to avoid the law. When that happens, you can say bye to every cent you possess. 
It’s safer for small businesses to make frequent small deposits heading to the bank weekly if not daily. That doesn't sound good!

As were moving very slowly to a digital currency, cash notes and coins are going to continue for another 30 years or so.  The Federal Reserve will keep continuing printing money and cash will continue to flow.

What is there a better way to deposit your cash without you having to make a single move?
Dupo, is a startup business idea I am developing and want to create that can easily deposit the amount (from $50-$10,0000 will be available to deposit let's say) of cash notes and coins you possess and need to dispose of in your bank account  by placing the amount you want to deposit in our app or website, we deposit the money for you rapidly and we collect the direct cash/coins by locating you at the place of your convenience. 
Our company will be serving as a (B2C) and (B2B). It will be available for every individual (B2C) who needs to go to the bank to deposit medium to large amounts of money. Between $50-$10,000, if higher then there is a significant fee but not comparable to armored transport prices. 
We will also provide this service for small businesses (B2B) such as restaurants, supermarkets, flea markets, convenience stores, retails stores and any kind of store that deal with cash directly and need to deposit profits in the bank daily/weekly. By the creation of this start up both individuals and small businesses can avoid going to the bank to make deposits and use our service. We will take care of depositing the money for you and meet you to acquire the cash and charge a small fee. 
Target audience
Every small business that deals with cash directly/physically (B2B) and for individuals (B2C) also that would like to avoid simple visits to the bank to make medium to large amounts of deposits. 
We believe individuals and small businesses (supermarkets, retails, and restaurants) that deal with cash physically/directly should avoid this step in the day/week to deposit money walking straight to the bank and avoid lines (if its crowded), parking (if the bank doesn't have parking) and gasoline cost. Using your time more effectively not worrying to visiting the bank for deposits or using armored trucks to fulfill this task, sense we offer an affordable simple solution. 
Fixing the problem
I will develop a SaaS (Software as a Service) that could replace this past century way into a modern technological easy way. 
For every individual and small business owner/manager possessing a smartphone can contact us by our app or website of the amount he/she wants to deposit and depending on the amount of the deposit we will charge a small fee. We will make the transfer with our resources and later we will acquire the physical money you have by an associate meeting you in your place of comfort. 
This service will not charge the same amount armored trucks do (BRINKS), it will be a cheap fee for an amazing value/quality service. 
Just by typing the amount and with a simple touch of a button, we will make the transfer to your account and acquire the physical cash meeting you. 
Business model and how feasible is it
Service for small fee, that's it. No complications or alterations, the app that I will develop is of complete ease for are users but I need feedback on this business idea in order to find customers and develop the product.

If you feel and see potential lets join forces and make this happen!!!

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea