Looking for a co-founder to build a startup that connects men seeking female entertainers

Looking for: Developer
How about a legit platform dedicated to men that are looking for an adult actress/prostitute experience?

I have this crazy idea about creating a valuable, innovative and secure app that can bring together men and female adult performers looking for companionship and spending a memorable time with professional escorts, famous porn stars, prostitutes/female entertainer around their city. Of course, this app will only be available in the 77 countries that this act is permitted. 

The way we would profit is by charging a small fee of what the female entertainer charges the user ,which will be the man, for it's services. 

So it will work like this:
1.The user creates a profile, he needs to provide legitimate information in order to have a meeting with the desired female entertainer.
2. If the user wants, let say, Janet Mason (just to say a name (wink)) is around Las Vegas, he can press a booking button, choose the time, location and date he wishes the service.
3. After that he pays what Janet charges, we subtract a small fee of what Mrs. Mason profit. So if she charges $500 for 30 minutes we will take %10 of what she profits.
4. Then, they can have a personal chatting and make things happen. 

Female entertainers can leave a review of their clients as well as men leaving reviews for the service the female entertainer provides. Plus, plenty much more stuff I am thinking about!!! So, who is with me on this? It is a crazy idea but you know it has some potential! It is disruptive idea that can make a fortune for female entertainers and provide a beautiful experience for men. We are creating value on both ends and the industry just keeps growing! 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: over time (>40h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea