London startup looking for developer co-founder

Looking for: Developer
Lendit is an online marketplace where our members can lend and borrow everyday items with one another within their local community. It could be a snowboard, lawnmower, tents, tools, and all manor of items used occasionally. Our members can make and save money renting rather than buying, it is convenient, community driven and more environmentally friendly. In short, it could be described as an 'eBay for renting'.

We've been working on the business for over 12 months, the site is close to Alpha, and we've also built a strong team of advisers, inc ex head of marketing at myspace, lawyers, business dev and other specialists working with us. The site has been built using the Drupal 7 framework so far so ideally looking for someone who has experience with Drupal. However this is not essential, and we are happy to chat to people interested in learning along the way. 

We're currently looking for a developer who can join Lendit as a core member of the team, and work with us to improve the site through alpha/beta and beyond.  We are offering significant equity in the business and the position of CTO. We want someone who wants to introduce and develop their own ideas, someone who is a self starter, and eager to get involved in a dynamic new startup.  

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