short form video sharing app

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer


It is vital to have a great team put together to create a location-based video sharing app like ------., 

This is not a fall and crumble at the first hurdle startup such as if we don't achieve first-round funding when expected (Airbnb resulted and relied upon making and selling breakfast cereal to finance themselves when in investors did not believe a mistake many investors and family members regret). We will face a lot of rejection and non-believers from friends, family, investors, etc. This is a 10year+ journey of continuous creating, failures, re-development, pivoting, progress, growth, and successes. If this is not a time frame you have in mind for any startup journey you consider joining please do not continue to read, thanks for your interest thus far.

what do you think?

(short-form video sharing app)

Looking for a technical co-founder

I’m not a normal tech dreamer. My life experiences built me to last the distance and turbulence needed to make this start-up a unicorn reality, I’m a Steve Jobs mindset looking for my right-hand Steve Wozniakand, I’d love to ask a few questions.


What is a failure to you?


When was the time you felt the most turbulence in your life and how did you respond to it?


At the age of 80, What is the one thing you could imagine looking back at and being glad you did it because you knew you could not live happily without making that one decision.


This is a cannot wait, blue ocean strategy, create now but not rush, execute at a high-level moment, to stay in front of the coming market change so would you be willing to pack up and move to London Vauxhall flat share to make this happen. If that was an option and you believed in the future of the idea?


“It’s easier to create the future than predict it”


I’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts and would love to continue this conversation. If my profile has you interested, WhatsApp me or text me the replies to the answers and we can talk in more detail.

Josh 07448624044

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: over time (>40h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development