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A multiplatform game in which YOU are the hero, challenging yourself and your relatives to get an awesome collection of badges to be proud of.

Earn points from your achievements and gain levels, then share them with your social networks, along with pictures, videos, comments and much more!

Your life is a game. Now, it's time to play it.

Available on the web, iOs and Android.

What is the problem we are solving?

Young people have ambitions or dreams they want to see come true. Live in another country, learn a new language, jump out of an airplaine, visit the Taj Mahal, find another job, and so on.

It's easy to end up in a life routine, and eventually, they realize they haven't done what they always wanted to do.

The problem? Lack of motivation. Not only to organize themselves to achieve their goals, but also to take the time to search for opportunities.

Our Solution

Life. is a motivation fuel based on gamification and social interactions to help you unlock real life achievements.

Discover new challenges everyday on Life., the game that follows you everywhere you go (smartphone, web). Achievements Unlocked! Share them with your friends, then challenge them to make them be part of your countless adventures.

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