Lifestyle, health and fitness tracking mobile app

Looking for: Developer
There are lots of apps out there which are measuring our lifestyle and fitness activities, but to me, none of them managed to grasp the full spectrum of human activities. To get full picture how we are doing we need to measure everything, from food, sleep, movement, relaxations, water intake to many other activities which are directly or indirectly influencing on our wellbeing.

But the key is how to make all this simple to use, without counting calories, steps and all other things? Day by day, which is the working title :-) have a simple solution for this complex problem. It would take you only one minute a day to input data and what is best of all, after some time it would provide you your Lifestyle Score, the one and only number which gives you an idea how you are doing at the moment and throughout time.

What we did for our wellbeing in last few days is not so important, the big picture is important, how we are doing within longer time span, and this is where Lifestyle Score comes as very useful piece of information.

There is also a very interesting gaming element in this app, an approach which never been explored before.

Basic layout of the app have been already designed, just need a developer to put it together. Please contact me if you would like to know more about it. 

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