Life management software (a personal ERP)

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager
For decades businesses have planned, managed, and closely monitored all their activities using interconnected software suites. CRM for relationships, ERP for financial resources, HCM for human resources, etc. And business intelligence ties it all together to track KPIs, metrics, and progress towards goals. 

As people continue to aquire more data about their own lives and activities a platform for assembling, organizing, and making sense of this personal data has become ever more valuable. And yet it does not exist. It's time to create unified platform for the individual to plan, manage, and monitor their own life and finally make use of their data. There are great tools for task management, calendaring, health monitoring, financial monitoring, goal setting, and event based triggering. However, each of thes tools creates a data silo and the value of the data is therefore diminished. A platform that unifies data allows indivuduals to get maximum value. The platform will make use of goals, a calendar, task management, financial management, asset management, smart devices, KPIs and dashboarding.

Imagine a (mobile-first) platform that combines elements of the following services:
LifeTick - Platform will make use of setting measurable goals, breaking goals into tasks, scheduling those tasks, having measurable metrics of progress
Moves app / Chronos app - The platform's mobile app could (with user permission) track all your movement throughout the day, log everywhere you went, method of transportation, how many steps you took, who you were with and for how long, and link activity with goals
FitBit / LoseIt app - Link your health traking apps for calorie intake/expenditure data for traking against health goals - Link you account for traking against financial goals
IFTTT - Much of the platform's value will be in it's intelligent triggers. Still 20 miles away from work and have a meeting in 15 minutes? An automated email or text can be sent to other participants. Had an oil change on your calendar today? Automatically add a reminder to schedule another after I have driven 3000 miles. Consumed too many calories last week? Automatically block off my next free hour in the evening to go to the gym. A well designed and cohesive trigger platform combined with a wealth of data would have unlimited potential.
Asana / Wunderlist / Find Friends - Share your information with others to collaborate (tasks, goals, location, etc). Then others can set triggers based on your shared data (ex. Once my wife has arrived at SFO, automatically notify me to go pick her up.)

And of course this is a platform so there will be APIs for custom apps/extensions to be built on top of the service.

Looking for co-founders with skills in product manager, UI design, and development. Intend to create wireframes and cohesive product vision for validation of idea with potential users. If product interest is validated then move on to creating an MVP.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea