LETSD- Law Enforcement Traffic Stop Documentation

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
A way to document traffic stops and the activities of police at traffic stops inside and outside the car.

The key to this idea is supercomputer that almost all cars have in them today. Remember when someone said that the average smartphone in your pocket has the power of the Apollo missions? That was almost 8 years ago. And the power of the phones has not stabilized. So almost all cars have the ability to set up a wifi hot spot, communicate with machines in that hot spot area (much larger than a car), and to send and receive video at decent resolution through the cellular network.

If that computer is there, what do we need to have video and audio documentation of every time a law enforcement officer talks to or abuses someone they've pulled over? Two cameras from alibaba (Wish.com), with wifi ability and uv night vision (prototype parts in neighborhood of $40 each- when ordering large numbers to our specs more like $10 or less based on my experience with wholesalers with Alibaba). We need someone who speaks Android well to write the app. We need dedicated funds to cover the data uplink as no one is going to have data left on their plan if we wait on them (and for effective deterrence the a/v needs to go up and be on a website as close to live as possible). We need a chunk of money to pay for the first order of cameras, and that needs to be donation instead of loan as the income from first order will go to building the second and so on. Having donation of first cameras allows us to keep the price close to cost of inputs from day one. 

Then we need stickers that say LETSD for bumpers of cars with the system and for sale for those who want to support. And for cops to walk up to every car with less BS and attitude as they never know when they're on camera.

(Cops will attack this saying that approaching a car that has been pulled over is the most dangerous part of the job. This is true. This is because they usually walk IN TRAFFIC while approaching the car and any passerby who does not like law enforcement just has to tap their steering wheel and "accidently" hit the man in dark colors walking in traffic. Don't believe the implications of anything that any cop tells you. As above they say most dangerous as though the car pulled over is dangerous and not their walk to the car.)

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea