Learn Game Development Training Platform

Looking for: Advisor, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person

GameDevHQ is a launched product. We are the only authorized unity course trainer in the world. We developed courses in partnership with Unity, the leader in real time rendering. Our on-demand training platform is now live and we have 2 membership options. 

Pro Monthly & Pro Yearly. 

For $25/mo or $220/yr our members can gain access to the following: 

- Authorized Educational Learning Track with Certifications 

- GDHQ Exclusive Courses

- Weekly Pro Live Workshops (webinars of content) 

- Priority Support & Mastermind community access 

- Complete Access to Filebase***

Now, we're more than just a course streaming platform. We teach anyone interested in making a game how to do it correctly and fast. But what makes us really different is Filebase.

Filebase is a revolutionary plugin that we built to eliminate the need to purchase game assets. People spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on high quality game assets. We thought of a plugin to build that would make building beautiful games quick and easy. We decided to invest in building high-quality game assets and distributing them through our plugin. Our pro members can enjoy over 1,000 game-ready assets to build their games quickly. They can use the assets both personally and commercially. Today the current game asset value in our database is north of $30,000. That's $30,000 of game assets someone would typically have to spend individually that's now available for $25/mo or $220/yr. 

We release new game assets every week with new coding challenges as well. 


Our goal is to train people how to become game developers. Whether they want to make games as a hobby or professionally, we have learning tracks and certifications for them. 


For those who are interested in taking their interest in Unity, C#, and game development further, we offer what's called Epic Courses. These are 6 week intensive trainings that we offer. They are priced at $997. 


Lastly, we're working on a career bootcamp 20 week program that will run for $3997. 


The last two products are for those who are serious about becoming software engineers. Our students have earned jobs at companies like Facebook, Oculus, Cartoon Network, the casino industry, Apple, NBC, and more. We're the most credible in the industry because of the Unity partnership. 

Right now I'm struggling with Marketing. We have this incredible product which has massive potential for acquisition and we're failing to convert. We get a lot of free signups to our free course, but aren't getting conversions to our pro membership. I've done the research on copy, sales & marketing, and have tried to implement some things, and it feels like nothing is working. 

I'm looking for someone who can get the value of what we have here out there and to drive revenue. You can learn more at GameDevHQ.com  

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