Lead Marketplace for the Legal Services Industry

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Sales person, Other
LegalRed matches legal industry professionals with clients, providing them with hundreds of qualified leads every day straight to their email.

Unlike other marketplaces, we use a novel approach on lead generation and lead distribution. This means more leads, more deals and better margins for the professionals, allowing us to get a bigger cut on every transaction that LegalRed initiates.

LegalRed gets its leads from LegalGuia, a legal services guide that is currently available in Spain. Our goal is to reach agreements with other such websites and distribute their leads through LegalRed.

At this moment, LegalRed and LegalGuia are minimum viable products and we are contacting law firms to perform test sales. 

I'm looking for cofounders and/or partners to help bootstrap the business, raise investment capital and expand to new markets. My ideal cofounder would be someone who can bring value to the business apart from just money and time; someone who is not looking for an overnight success story and who shares similar values and life goals with me. 

Additional Info

  • Website: http://legalred.net
  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: publicly launched