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According to Alliance for a Green Revolution 
in Africa, (AGRA), Africa loses $4.8 Billion
annually to post harvest losses as a result 
of absence of market access for agricultural
produce. That is the burden behind starting 
AgroHub, the innovative company behind KITOVU™.
KITOVU™ is a farmercentric total solutions mobile 
app package that uses data from an online database 
it interacts with to create alerts on market 
opportunities to farmers, facilitating exchange of  
information between farmers on the one hand, and 
produce buyers, manufacturers, input suppliers, 
financial and research institutions, as well as 
the government.
KITOVU™ would also serve as an information hub 
for farmers, providing information on research, 
extension services, and policy frameworks set forth 
by the government. It would also provide a linkage 
between input suppliers, banks and other financial 
services providers, to the farmers. It would also 
provide a peer to peer connection between farmers.
At the same time, manufacturers and other users of 
agricultural produce are saved the headache of 
having to run helter-skelter in search of quality 
raw materials. This also solves the problem of 
traceability as the farmers location, crops planted, 
afflatoxin and toxicity report of farm are all 
By collecting and analyzing farmers, manufacturers, 
and input suppliers data sets, KITOVU™ is able to 
accurately match each individual user to his/her 
needs thereby bringing the market closer to the 
KITOVU™ also provides a platform for farm financing 
through outgrower services it promotes, as well as 
serves as a payment gateway for automatic payment on 
supply; a win-win for both parties as farmers have 
ready markets and financing and manufacturers are 
able to source quality raw materials at stable prices.
This technology solves the problems of postharvest 
losses, wastage, and traceability of produce, saves 
money and time for manufacturers to source produce, 
and gives farmers access to inputs when they need it. 
It would also generate income through in-app advertising 
and completed sales transactions.
It would run on the backbone of Nigeria’s increasing  
mobile penetration  projected to reach 168.99 million 
by the end of 2017 increasing from a 100 million 
threshold in the second quarter of 2012, and mobile 
phone coverage is about 60 percent in the rural areas 
where 57 percent of the nation’s population reside. 
From our projections, the KITOVU™ would be able to 
reach about 22.9 million farmers with compatible 
phones to carry KITOVU™.
KITOVU™ can be deployed quickly and remotely from our 
enterprise mode and multiplatform compatible website, that is currently under development.

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