Kindle for Language Learners

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
There are currently more than 60,000 people studying Mandarin Chinese in the US alone. More than 100 million Chinese are learning English. These numbers continue to grow year over year, yet we still face difficulties communicating across language.

Why? After students reach a certain level, classes become largely ineffective. The responsibility for learning moves into the student's hands, and often they do not know where to turn. How can a student determine which books, magazines, or TV shows fit their language needs? I myself have faced this problem. I have tried to find an appropriately difficult book or magazine to continue my Chinese studies, but time after time have picked books that are either too hard and demotivating, or too easy and boring. 

The solution is an E-Reader stocked with books in the target language. Each user will have a profile and use flashcard games to determine their reading level. Then, the app will be able to match each user with an appropriately challenging book or magazine. Wait, it doesn't stop there! Users will be encouraged to practice the new words they encounter, and the app will use flashcards to prepare them for the chapters ahead. While reading, users can select unfamiliar words to check their meaning, and save them into their flashcard deck. 

This app has the potential to work for every language, and even outside of languages - imagine substituting new words with new facts and it can work for all courses. The market size for such an app is enormous, and I expect the app will be able to make money from Day 1. I am looking for a developer to help me with creating a backend and database. I also need someone to assist with marketing materials - namely our soon to be published website and blog. I will be making the iOS frontend and doing some marketing work as well. Candidates should ideally know some Chinese and be potential product users. Candidates should also be highly motivated, independent thinkers who look to challenge the status quo and do the unthinkable. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development