Kim Kollektor mobile game

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
In this game – Kim Kollektor Viking Treasures – the player is Kim Kollektor, a young and promising archaeologist and collector of historical items, who travels around the world and Europe, following In the Footsteps of the Vikings, searching for Viking material for his collection. He gets help from his former teacher, Professor Juan Torero and from the assisting personnel. Then he arranges exhibitions in different cities, and gets income from the visitor fees. With this and other funding he then can arrange morearchaeological excavations, and also acquire artifacts by direct purchases. The archaeological excavations can take place on the ground or on the sea, depending on the locality. To map the excavation areas one uses a soil radar, an echo sounder and a metal detector – as in real life. Besides that, Kim Kollektor has an imaginary Ghost Cam, which gives direct information about the Viking life and history.

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