Kikko. It's the website where gay people can finde and buy or/and sell used things among them.

Looking for: Developer
This is a very niche market but there is nothing like this yet. Gay people often has unique and expensive style of clothing. But it's not only about clothes...there are many things that can be considered gay style. Any decoration of the home,mobile phone accessories, shoes, bags.....and it goes on and on. This website would give the oportunity to meet people with the same or similar taste and sell things they don't want any more and at the same time it's an oportunity for buyers to finde nice things to buy and save money. It's for gay, lesbian and trans persons.
In Australia the 2.4% of the popolation is gay,lesbian or's about 500.000 people. In the UK it's about 1.600.000 people. in the US it's about 2.500.000 people.
So this is a website for private people for buying and selling things.
(if you like this idea just send me a message can be an adviser or biz developr or any other)

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea