KickedOffCampus is a search engine for rental properties near college campuses.

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Other is a website that aggregates rental listings from several websites such as Craigslist and Zillow and organizes them based on their distance from any selected campus. The website works for any college in the U.S. and is currently live. The website offers a premium subscription where students pay $1 to receive email updates of new listings as soon as they are posted onto various websites. The website also generates ad revenue from traffic.In the future property owners will pay to have their properties featured within search results.

2 in every 3 students in the U.S. live off campus and at large state colleges 3 in every 4 students live off-campus. Often finding rentals is extremely cumbersome, as no rental websites cater towards the needs of college students. The website helps students get the edge in the off-campus housing process by providing an extensive data base of properties from all over the website and then allowing students to search through listings in a manner relevant to them.

The website is currently live and works for any college in the U.S. Students merely type in their college and they can search through properties from all of the internet. This upcoming winter and spring, I am looking to market towards as many different colleges. I will need help building a brand, marketing through physical and digital media and adding further features and developments to the project, either through in-house development or outsourcing. The front end for the active website is HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX. The backend is PHP.

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