Keep Score of Your Life

Looking for: Designer, Engineer
This is a site that keeps track of activities you partake in throughout your day and scores you for those activites. Whether it's games you play, places you eat, or as specific as how good your car's gas milaege is, you are scored for it. As you are scored for each activity, you are then ranked among your peers. There are 5 goegraphical rank levels - Town, County, State, Country and Global Rank.

LifeXcore (lifescore) stands out among social networks as this is based on the human desire to be one step up from those around us. It has the element of competition on the levels of sports, healthy living, eco-friendly consumption, and ethical consumerism.

Examples of activities users are ranked for (launching with 30 activites):
Car Mileage
Beer Pong
Mobile Games

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