Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person

Keebboo. com is the first DMS (Destination Management System) allowing touristic suppliers (hotels, bnbs, estates, resorts, restaurants, pubs, events, experiences, rents and flights) to get direct contact at 0 commissions with their customers.

The system has born to overtake (i know, we're very far from it but we're a startup only 2 years old) OTAS and intermediaries like,, Momondo, Expedia and so on. Regional DMS are totally inefficient and they cannot bring gains and results as suppliers do expect.

We already had a preliminar talk with some of biggest venture capitals like Boost Heroes, Vertis, Metra group SRL and so on. They said before talking again with them i needed a stronger team and business, so now i have both i'm looking for a first funding round on 250k fundings.

We have been invited to pitch up at Tech Invest Milan : when my focus will be asking between 1 - 10 million for this huge project. I do have advisors and business analysts helping me with european ventures and investors, what i do need is a skilled and big team with a detailed and stead vision on business.

Contact me to understand better what we're going to do. We have no funds right now, we're looking for any kind of help, by rewarding in particular financial and technical help. 

I am a student of economics, so i don't have a degree neither a job different from CEO of I have any interest in exploiting peoples' job cause i believe this is the best opportunity happening only one time in life for me and for people working with me. As soon as we do reach funds, each team mate will be paid on, even if our default communication channel will be on slack. This is the final goal:

Keebboo ICO Blockchain: (Holochain)/Zilliqa/Go

- 20 millions total Keebboo token supply
- 10 millions (public and pre - sale circulating supply tokens)
- 2 millions Charity reserve
- 2 millions venture fund for startup and innovative projects
- 2 millions (reserve for Keebboo academy, new business unit for learning and sustaining students on a new website and business unit)
- 2 million for social/environment actions and projects
- 2 million (800k for the company management, 200k will be distributed between team members and 1 million left for prizes, marketing campaigns and giveaways)

Crypto creation will allow us to reward users for reviews on services, empowering cashbacks in crypto on each purchase and so on. Each nation will have its own crypto interdicted to listing, while keebboo token will be listed on exchanges and available for public purchase and speculation. National cryptos will be used as proper and real cryptocurrency, by satisfying currencies’ attributes: Reserve of value, count unit and trade instrument.

We’ll use those cryptos to reward users on a standard price and protocol, so it will be allowed conversion in keebboo token or in fiat currency. My first idea is creating national cryptos in fixed 1:5 ratio for population, starting from a fixed price for each of them.

Demand and bid will make the rest by automatic and autonomous balancing of value and revenue. I’d like to ensure a minimum fixed gain for both, maybe an automatic sell could be an interesting choice (for instance I do purchase a good for 10$ having 20% discount and 1% crypto cashback. value of crypto is related to whole portals’ purchases, so my 1% crypto at the value of 10 cents today could be automatically sold after 2 weeks at 10€ price.)

I’ll have a 10x mathematic return on each purchase, so in a month I could rise something like 200/300€ in crypto cashbacks and I will be able to covert it in fiat currency or Keebboo main token or directly pay with it.

Each nation using this system will provide for Keebboo main token a really impressive growth and steadly dued to mathematic algorithm of purchases and sales. Actually I’m not able to define more about crypto, cause need more expert boarding for it.

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Tel + 39 3247719487

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