Join Storytally as CTO to Abolish Loneliness in the World

Looking for: Developer
Loneliness can be a big problem in the lives of people. You might be looking for a new friend to listen to you or cheer you up. Or you might need help from a more professional Life Coach to help you reach your dreams. Storytally is developing an app that connects users with a perfect person for any life situation. We're now working in stealth mode so get in touch if you want to hear more. We're looking for a CTO work with our existing developer. You will be offered an option to join the founders as partner.

Storytally is an entertainment and software startup based in Helsinki, Finland. We're graduates of the Aaltoes’ Summer of Startups and Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship pre-seed programs with funding from TEKES and AVEK. Our team has  experience from founding several companies: acquiring VC funding, selling software, producing prime time TV and growing web and mobile app users bases all over the world.

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