Itinerary sharing website

Looking for: Designer
Please see below for description of site.  I am working with a great developer who I met on this site and now we are looking for a web designer to join us - we are making great progress!!

While planning a trip to Europe for my family, I was thinking about all kinds of possibilities for the trip, and struggled to find a site that would provide me with solid examples of Family European trips taken already.  Then a friend provided me with her itinerary of the trip they took, the cities they went to, the hotels and villas they stayed, the flights they took and advice on what worked and lessons learned.

My goal is to develop an easy to use site that consists of two parts:
1. An area where people who have taken a trip get to share all aspects of their trip by completing an easy to use form.  The information is then uploaded to a database.

2. In this section, users then conduct searches of trips they are interested in leveraging the itineraries that have been uploaded in the first section of the site.  For example, search for family trips to Europe.  Assuming the database is comprehensive, a number of itineraries for family trips to europe would be available.  If I am planning the trip, I now have a number of itineraries available to help me think about which route to take, hotels the family stayed in.  If you have kids, or are looking for a romantic holiday, it helps to read itineraries about trips taken and get as many tips as you can before you hit expedia and trip advisor.

As a trip planner I know I would be on this site often!

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development