Invite-only mobile community for high-profile young innovators, techies & creatives

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
We believe that great people who do great things should hang out and achieve more together.

We want to create more collisions of these people all around the world, and spark new realtionships that will help them achieve their visions and accelerate their positive impact.

To do that, we are building a global invite-only network of young innovators, techies & creatives who share similar values and love to travel. The network is built entirely on a mobile app that uses geo-location, a keyword search, and profile information from LinkedIn to match people & facilitate local meet-ups on a global scale.

We have already curated our own network of 1,000 young leaders & entrepreneurs in 400 cities around the world, who are all members of exclusive communities like Sandbox, the Kairos Society, the Thiel Fellowship and 30+ other high-impact communities.

Our CTO is a backend developer with 15 years' experience.

We have the network, the prototype, and the team... well mostly... we need an epic Android or iOS developer who is excited about building technology that connects high-impact people. You will receive shares or financial compensation

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