Investment Research Engine

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
Overall our mission seeks to automate the investment research process by gathering company and industry specific data: scrubbing it, assigning quantifiable weightings to it (based on various metrics) and delivering it in a user defined format. Our goal is to develop an investment/stock research engine, akin to GOOGLE (unlike theirs, which is cluttered and requires one to dig too much for locating gems). We intend to take the  manual grunt work of analyzing investment opportunities. Our intelligent agent (computer program using predictive algorithms) will gather floods of data and perform the deductive processes to benefit you in making high probability stock (calls) decisions. No more spending hour onto hours searching for relevant data/sets or metrics of importance relating to your research ideas. Instead, we'll be providing behind the scene tools that will process content from unlimited resources available. All you have to do is supply the stock ticker symbol and IRE does all the heavy lifting for you.
I was slated to interview with this company before they went off the grid (lack of VC funding). I believe that my work was a step ahead their efforts in many resourceful ways.

Funding for sector is ripe- look at DataMinr- raised $130 mil. However, no need to chase them, we can create our own leadership space in Investment Re-Search
I'm a securities research analyst with a pretty good track record -
2007-2012, the average stock recommendation gained 30.5% 
Additionally, Venture Capital role serving both Tech/MedTech companies.
I've been working in the yard sort of speak, uncovering content/ideas for launch mode for at least a decade. I lack one thing to succeed in this endeavor, which is a programming individual.
This is strictly a start-up equity ownership opportunity. Payout- would come from product subscriptions/launch.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea