Integrated Knowledge & Marketing Platform for Sustainability

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
My project is The "knowledge" side of the platform is already live, though our upcoming relaunch will migrate it to Drupal, redesign the look/feel, and add the monetizing feature - the Green Company Directory, which is actually more a "Marketing Platform" than just a directory. 

This "integrated knowledge & marketing platform" merges content in the expected 'green' areas (and the not-expected areas), with a directory profile that  helps businesses to market to & communicate with consumers in a way that is not currently being done. This is a highly innovative idea that fills an enormous gap in the market. It adds value for consumers by breaking down the complicated topics of green in fast and easy way, and it builds several bridges between awareness and consumer behavior. It adds value for businesses by educating them on ways to "normalize green" for the mainstream consumer, while it also builds several bridges from the marketing area, back to consumer (and business) awareness.

My co-founder must be highly passionate and knowledgeable about sustainability -- we will make an enormous difference. If this is not your passion, then this opportunity is not for you.

(The video shown is for only the content-side of the platform. The video for the marketing-side is still in production.)

Additional Info