Integrated Business Solution

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer
I have been designing and building out a total business solution, which targets self-employed individuals, small to medium sized businesses, and even large corporations. My solution will put a focus on development and businesses which incorporate the web into their business model. 

Hosted and non-hosted solutions will be available, with a variety of options and features which are included. 

The web is also incorporated into the solution, and the solution will allow for consumers to use their favorite tools in the process. For instance, instead of needing to hire a third party integrator to integrate a remote support portal to Joomla! or WordPress, what if a provider delivered the support portal to you in a form that allowed you to make your Joomla! or WordPress website into the support portal? 

Registrations and form submissions? They integrate directly into the solution by design, we give you the tools so you don't need to rely on any one else for lead capture and a streamlined sales workflow. 

The rest of the solution? Covers everything from tracking and monitoring employees and assets, a calendar, a ticketing system, service and sales modules for streamlined sales and service workflows, a knowledge base, campaigns, opportunities, agreements, and other sales and marketing tools are built in. Remote access and monitoring tools, configurations for managed service providers to manage internal and remote assets. The solution covers product and inventory management, pricing zones, tax zones, point of sale, billing and more. I'm not skipping a beat. 

Of course, my solution puts a focus on development. Integrated source control and agile development methods using your favorite tools, minimizing non-IDE time for your developers, all while keeping the boss happy and knowledgeable of your performance. 

I want to compete with Autotask, Salesforce, and ConnectWise - expand upon some of the concepts that they have introduced, and create a truly modified and modern business solution that works and works well. 

For the desktop/server softare my solution is written in C++, which is why it will shine above solutions like ConnectWise, which can't actually implement real live monitoring and tracking as well as I have and can do even better with.

For the web the solution is written in PHP/HTML5/CSS/JavaScript for Joomla!. AJAX concepts are used and less compilation is built into the web framework that I've created. 

I could use C++ and PHP help to move this project along a bit quicker.  I'm offering equity in my company for those who get involved.  I've already applied to DreamIt Ventures, and quite a few other accelerator/incubator/funding programs and have some consultation appointments scheduled already.
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Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development