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Hello all of you.
We're finishing the tests on the beta version of the first innovative Help Desk Agent for I, II and III level of Assistance. Unlike the best Artificial Intelligence systems made so far (like IBM Watson, for example), able only to work on the level I of Assistance (helping only on already-solved-by-humans issues), our Help Desk agent is able to solve problems never faced before, and then work also on the II and III levels of the Help Desk Assistance. With our agents, people will have a unique interface able to solve any kind of issue like an expert in few minutes.

Thanks to a revolutionary new science, called Adaptive Intelligence in which we've invested money and time (about 14 years of Research and Development), based on the last evidences and theories on the human mind and brain in Neurobiology, Neuropsychology and Psychology, our System called Entity Power is able not only to simulate the learning and appraisal features of our mind, but even the understanding and the creation of new and complex concepts, necessary to propose new idea in order to solve never-faced-before problems. Our system use some unique features of our mind, like the mental imagery and some other of our consciousness, to understand things and create ideas.

Unlike the Artificial Intelligence systems, whom needs of new programmed algorithms to solve new problems, our system is able to create its own new cognitive processes, in order to work profitable in new contexts. Thanks to a human-like approach, Entity Power is like a mind that needs to be connected with "senses" to receive data from the outside world (a web site, a computer file system and screen, a videogame environment, a car or a smart house, any place in which it's possible to use an mind to make intelligent jobs), and with some "muscles" in order to act and react on the outside world (actuators, mouse and keyboard for a computer, brakes and steering wheel for a car, etc.).

We already have some little customers, but the timing to raise the final and operative version is very high. We need of more investments to speed up the teaching phase (similar but more complex than an Artificial Intelligence "supervised learning") in order to finish the job and let the Agents be operative, in order to let the world see our system in action and be able to start working with many new applications.

We have a company, EntityMind Inc., working only on the system Entity Power (EP), while we're going to make other companies whom will use EP to implement Agent for several applications, by paying the royalties for the use of EP to EntityMind Inc..

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