Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and how to save money

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The consumption of every machine at home, office or factory has its own electrical “fingerprint”. The way a device starts, works and terminates its operation is unique per model, manufacturer and usage. Not only does the consumption of each device has its own pattern, but also the electrical values such as voltage, amperage, spikes and power factor provide unique data.

If you record the Pattern of a consumption using a single meter connected to the main power box, it will be then easy to discover similar consumptions connected to the same or another place.

Once you detect these devices you can predict the effect on overall consumption peaks, and then you will be able to intervene and alternate the operation of those consumptions at a different time and thereby change the overall picture of consumption for energy saving purposes and risk reduction.

The Example

Suppose that in a factory we have:

1x Air Compressor

1x Cooling Machine

3x Production machines

2x Lighting lines

5x Electrical pallet trucks

The Problem

The facility operates marginally. It often occurs that, due to higher demand during the startup of the machines and the operation of the three production machines, the maximum intensity exceeds the rating of the main switch, creating extra peak demand cost, a risk to trip-out the main switch, and as a consequence a black-out to the whole plant from the excessive current.

Conventional solutions are:

  1. Manual interruption of consumption during the course of production.

  2. Manual interruption of production in the event of overcurrent.

  3. Purchase and installation of the new transformer and bigger supply lines.

All three solutions have a great cost for the plant. The first two have a direct influence on the production process for the plant and the third would require an investment of several thousand dollars without solving the problem with spikes.

The Product

An effective and economical solution could be provided by a smart meter connected to the power supply box, which will be capable of working with software to “separate” each devices’ consumption using their “fingerprint” of the consumption on the basis of different pattern.

The Solution

By recording the behavior of the consumption in that factory and analyzing through software we could interrupt the charging of the pallet trucks because of the known behavior of the production machines and a prognosis of a high peak moment.

Accordingly we could, by using a pressure gauge and a temperature gauge, estimate when is the wrong time to start the compressor and the cooling machine and always be careful not to drop the air pressure to the point that creates problems in production, and correspondingly not to elevate the temperature beyond certain limits.

For the execution of the mandate in any load, a digital output device can be installed that receives commands from the software.

The Market

In the market there are devices that perform similar functions but their use is limited to residential purposes, they can only achieve marginal savings per year. This solution for industries can save energy requiring minimum investment costs and short ROI time.

I would love to share with me your thoughts and expertise on this innovative idea of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). You can comment or send me a prive message.

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