In need of a website that acts like a dating website but is not a dating website.

Looking for: Designer, Developer

I come from an industry with a 40% annual turnover rate where licenced professionals jump from one business to the next, always looking for the right fit. The reason for this is 1) they are an emotional group of people and 2) they take the first thing that is offered to them where they have no business working. I came up with an idea to fix that, and have had repeated success on a business to business level, using a system that I developed. This system was built with a website in mind that will do all the work itelf, and is built like a dating website, since this industry is so emotionally driven, and see see business relationships as relationship business.

I have worked on this idea for 3 years, looking at all the kinks, problems, marketing costs, etc. There are multiple revenue generating avenues for this website, and my 1st year target is 1% of the industry of 6 million licensed professionals paying on the bottom annual membership level of $20 a year. That is only one side of the membership equation, but you can see the potential, I hope.

I have done the research, and I know that on a part time basis, this project could take 5-6 months to build correctly, and I am a patient partner. I am supportive and understanding, but driven to beat competition, of which at the moment there is none.

This idea can grow nationally within the industry, and move in 2 differnet directions simultaniously, with a jump to different countries, and just as exciting, to different industries.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea