Improving your favorite products one echoed idea at a time.

Looking for: Developer
Consumers were right all along - they wanted bigger iPhone screens and once Apple listened, the sales went through the roof!
Let's streamline that process so it doesn't take years for a company to innovate based on market's demand. platform facilitates easy & effective communication between companies and consumers to improve everyday products and services.
It's an idea sharing network where consumers can leave echoes (suggestions) directly to brands and garner support from other consumers, which ultimately provides free market research to companies. Forget boring surveys and emailed feedback - let's make it social and turn it into actionable market data!

"Customer Echoes" are a different type of feedback: instead of focusing on what the product currently is (review), they focus on what the product could and should be.

We launched a beta site a few months ago, looking to take the website to the next level and create iOS & Android apps.

Our team is equipped with highly educated people with experience in engineering, business development, administration, sales, marketing, graphic design, video production, solid industry connections and above all, a clear product vision and market strategy. We're a small in house team that is looking to add a mobile and web developer to complete our skill-set so we can get our product beyond the beta stage. We recently relocated to the SF Bay Area, so the ideal candidate would be nearby.
We believe 'Echo it' is the next step of the ever growing consumerism culture, and our WoM users agree. Our beta website is several months old and growing; we're in need of technical co-founder that will help us scale and grow. We have a 3 person in-house team that is very passionate about Open Innovation: how it can benefit the brands, and how it can involve consumers. We're looking for a co-founder who will not only have mobile and web development skills, but also a desire to streamline the innovation process for companies and consumers alike. Our goal is to make this process very simple, fun and beneficial, moving the entire society forward by unifying their echoes. is built in custom PHP framework (PHP, jQuery, CI, HTML5, CSS3) and has a responsive mobile site, but we want to focus on the mobile experience now, creating both iOS and Android apps, while upgrading the website features and design.
 Join us in this journey of expanding our platform - we're already partnering up with businesses and growing our user base. Adding a technical co-founder will help us complete the main team and start seeking Seed Investments.

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