Imagine being able to have a conversation with anyone you wish!

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
Do you need some information but don’t have the personal connections to find the people to get it from? My website is looking to solve that problem. The purpose of the site will be to bring together working professionals and the people and/or students who are seeking their advice or mentorship. On my website anyone will have access to many accomplished individuals with life experiences, skills, and knowledge in all different areas that are ready to meet, one-on-one, to help others get the answers they are looking for. It will behave like a dating website, except, instead of people looking to other people for love, they are looking for advice and networking connections. Would having a lunch meeting with Warren Buffet or Andrew Mason be pretty cool? The end goal of my website is to make connections like that possible.

UPDATE: I am currently a full time Ruby on Rails developer for Aisle50. I have started working on my start up idea but have recently put it on the back burner due to my new job. Right now I just work on it occasionally in my free time.  I am almost finished building my prototype. Practically all the functionality is there it just needs a good debugging and some refining. Also, I have a Prelaunch page to gather emails and gauge interest( 

Additional Info