Image-led collaboration platform for building design and construction

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager
I am looking for co-founders for a new image-led collaboration platform for the building design and construction industry. The target market is smaller projects - from small housing developments to kitchen or shop remodels. I come from this industry - I'm a mechanical engineer and I worked in low-energy building design and construction. Professional and personal frustrations (and lots of interviews with people working in this sector) have led me to this solution to improve communication and client understanding, cut costs and get better results.

I'm looking for co-founders with complementary skillsets in product design, programming, finance, marketing. People with expertise but can wear different hats (I'm also developing a front-end developer and UX skillset). I'm flexible with the product design, but am closely adhering to customer development / lean start-up principles and methodology, and co-founders would need to be on board with this.

Currently undergoing some rebranding but the website showcases the concept in lo-fi form.

Additional Info