iloveme - the mobile app to actively work on your own mental health.

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One in every four people experiences mental health issues, yet only only 10% of the people with psychological symptoms seek treatment, the rest of the people find a way to live with the disease. Which often also affects their social and professional lives (i.e. divorce, sick leave, obesity, bad relationships). Among the reasons people do not seek treatment in an earlier stage, are shame, discrimination and stigma around psychological issues.

iloveme wants to reach people in an early state of mental illness, helping them figure out what is going on with them, educating them on what they can do about it, empowering them with fun tools to actively work on their own mental health and to connect them with other people experiencing the same issues.

Currently iloveme offers the following features:

  • A questionnaire based on the DSM-V

  • A library with information on all psychological disorders and tips & tricks

  • A mood tracker based on research from Yale, with daily notifications asking the user to indicate their mood.

  • A calendar where you can add activities

  • Graphs that show weekly and monthly stats (mood & activities)

  • A forum where the user can talk to other users experiencing similar issues

My vision is to help people find more happiness all over the world; independent from mental health policies, at low costs and available to everyone with a smartphone. I want to break through the stigma around mental health problems, and create a platform for everyone showing them that everybody will experience some mental issues throughout their lifetime as well as a platform for healthcare practitioners to offer their services.

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