Modern brokerage company

Looking for: Biz developer
The idea is about opening modern stock trading brokerage company with many improvements over existing stuff. Worldwide global.

Social food market

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Social Food Market is a marketplace that aimed at creating a platform that allowed customers to direcly buy from producers (farmers, but also bakeries etc.) in the Netherlands. Due to time limitations the site was put off-line 5 years ago. It is however still highly relevant and may even be more relevant considering climate discussions we face these days. Wouldn't…

Marketplace for Students

Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Hi Co-founders! This idea entails a marketplace specifically for students in the Netherlands (later internationally). The idea is to create a platform where students trade together in products and services that are typical in student life and on which no other products/persons can be found. Think about bikes, books, rooms, student jobs and languages courses and transportation services. At the…
This is my newly launched online business model that focuses on services and products related to increasing hotels revenue and online presence while decreasing third party or OTA booking commission by getting more direct online conversions. I need someone who is interested and would be keen in developing this business to be very competitive on the market as this has…
Are you a CTO living in the United Arab Emirates and at the beginning/mid of your carrier, an ambitious but humble developer who want to make a real difference through designing and building a spectacular mobile app, with the ultimate goal of connecting people? If so, read on... Who we are A location based mobile application connecting people in local…

Learn Game Development Training Platform

Looking for: Advisor, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
GameDevHQ is a launched product. We are the only authorized unity course trainer in the world. We developed courses in partnership with Unity, the leader in real time rendering. Our on-demand training platform is now live and we have 2 membership options. Pro Monthly & Pro Yearly. For $25/mo or $220/yr our members can gain access to the following: -…

AI Chalet

Looking for: Biz developer, Engineer, Product manager
AI To Automate All Of An Employees Repetitive Work. Use AI Chalet - Get More Work Done With Less Effort.

Revolutionising HPCaaS

Looking for: Biz developer
I am not going to describe our startup here, but ...We are set to make a real difference to how all types of products, from jet turbines to pharmaceuticals, are developed.If you are based in Munich and think that you have the right kind of education, experience, skills and contacts to get the business side of a new technology business…

Membership community to empower sports fans

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Over 100 million North American sports fans, including over 2 million season ticket holders, are an unrepresented demographic. "The FAN" will be the face, voice and tool of sports fans in the same way that AARP has solidified seniors as a recognized special interest group. "The FAN will mobilize and empower sports fans through member surveying, and legal, political, and…


Looking for: Developer, Marketer
AccountingJet takes the best of the in-person accountant and mixes it with the convenience of online technology. Businesses can get their payroll and bookkeeping done by a true accounting professional. Best yet, it can all be done automatically. We've integrated technology to obtain bank statements automatically so business owners can now spend ZERO time on their bookkeeping each month. Current…