Life Coaching Matching Platform

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Product manager
This idea is to create a personal and spiritual growth movement to help make this world a more loving and conscious place. The way the business will achieve this mission and vision is by creating inspiring content and helping people seamlessly match with a suitable coach. So far I have conducted the initial research (customer validation, user research, market size,…

Anfitriones locales

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Sales person, Other
Se trata de ofrecer una experiencia única y auténtica local, conociendo la cultura y sus gentes en un contexto real e incluso rutinario, con servicios de ayuda, seguridad, e inmersión en nuestra ciudad y sus barrios.Es una alternativa al turismo en masa concentrado en la cultura, arte, y actividades comerciales de la ciudad, donde la exepriencia es única porque es…
We are a UK based startup with senior members merging 20+ years of experience of our fields.With several years of Research and development we have created a new generation AI solution, incorporating neural networks and other different kinds of available methods, extending these with our own innovations and specially designed mathematical models, greatly enhancing their powers.Our main focus is demand…

CRM to Sell smarter and faster with Service Cloud-Support

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
I am currently seeking a business partner / investor to help grow my crm that is already generating some revenue.Here’s just a few of the features you can expect: You have a dashboard that has social communication within the company and search options for each user with his work and assignment. We've “Reports and Analytic" tab that gives teams and…

Live/Location-Based Matching App

Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Marketer
While apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have been somewhat successful in bringing many people together, they all fail to solve one crucial part of the consumer problem. Consumers want spontaneous interactions with people, and they want these interactions to be swiftly and efficiently provided by these apps. Many people might match with someone on one of these apps,…
Generate insurance leads in niche business industries and sell said leads to insurance companies, insurance brokerages, insurance agents, and lead aggregators. An example industry we currently generate leads in and sell them is trucking and microblading through a few brands named Trucking Insurance Network, Motor Carrier Insurance Alliance, and the Microblading Insurance Program. We currently have some clients and are…
Online sale platform aimed at small business owners.

Travel guide host finder

Looking for: Engineer, Marketer, Sales person
The idea is a guide finder/host whereby the guide and traveler can connect with one another and view each other information beforehand . There would be also option for budget travelers possibly to get accommodation by their guide ( for limited time/days) The guide will be given safety documents and appropriate information which they should follow. Feedback can be posted…

Looking for: Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
Mybus is a business management sales platform functions with mobile applications dedicated to bus & coach operators.