Securities Master Software

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
Sherpa Securities Master is an easy to use Securities Master built for small/medium sized Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Oil Companies, Fund Managers, Analysts and Private Investors of all levels. Our app assists your pricing team by rapidly updating, simulating, screening, transforming and cleaning your securities, fundamental and investment account data while blasting out data sets like a Wall Street Hedge…

an AR VR game platform for marketing purpose

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer
My idea is to use mobile to scan and hunt for some free stuff/discount/mini game.For example, say, you are in New York Wall Street, you scan your surrendering (a building, a sign, a logo), you may find out surprises (free coffee, discount coupons, complete an instruction or play a mini game to win something.)

Co Founder/Marketing Strategist/Door Opener

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
E-commerce is blooming so is the number of home deliveries (950 million packages last year in the UK alone). 30% of items purchased online are being returned to retailers which adopt "easy return" policies to attract online customers. "Last mile" accounts for 50% of delivery and return costs. Retailer profitability is badly affected. Road congestion and air pollution increase as…
The Product We are extremely passionate about building the next-gen software-defined and cloud-defined network visibility solution for application/security nexus that will provide a one-stop shop for NetOps and SecOps. The product will leverage intent-based networking and machine learning as the core tenets. The Person You are ideally a distinguished software engineer and/or senior developer/architect who has background building complex software…

ecommerce shop

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
Ecommerce store (dropshipping model) for sports fans (including: basketball, calisthenics and esports). Various fan based merchandise like t-shirts, cups, sport equipment. I am working with few designers, they are creating original designs to put on t-shirts, cups, etc. I am looking for a suppliers to take goods like sport equipment from (most people use Aliexpress, but I am trying to…

PickThisUp: Delivering Anything, Anytime!

Looking for: Designer, Developer
Wanted: Entrepreneurial Frontend developer WHY?Because we believe that size nor location should hold you back on what to buy or not! PickThisUp offers a delivery solution on your phone within minutes. Just like ordering a cab with UBER, hotel room on or food by Thuisbezorgd. PickThisUp was founded 3 years ago and we have the ambition to become the…
Currently looking for a co-founder located in France.A new product was designed for track and trace purposes with a battery life time of up to 3 years! :)The tracker does not rely on GPS but on LoRaWAN network (deployed by Orange)More details on my website www.twave.euIf you're interested in technology and would like to contribute let me know.The potential is…
Our new, private hedge fund already has 2+ years of results showing it could consistently deliver 90% to 215% annual IRRs. We’re starting that fund’s shakedown cruise. During the process of launching that fund, one of my advisors mentioned they’d like to discuss co-founding a cryptocurrency fund with me. The crypto fund will use our especially unique forecasting methods in…
Dropbeez is a drop shipping extension that features automatic ordering, tracking numbers updates and more.We have finished the process of building the extension, creating the brand and design, and are now looking for a co founder that has skills with JavaScript, React and preferably experience with chrome extensions, to further develop and improve the product.