Software development for an established business

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
There is a need for a software platform for an existing business in the vaping industry. Despite it being "just an idea" the final solution is meant for an existing business which can guarantee traction for the developed solution from an active customer base.I'm looking to develop a solution that is highly tailored to our specific business which allows our…

Social Media site for avid fans

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Social media platform for avid fans. Site will have 3 main components with possibility for expansion. More than just an idea. Site has been over 75% designed and coded. Also, prototype has been built. We are just in need of our tech co-founder to get us launched.

Dynamic Document Letter WorkFlow

Looking for: Product manager
Banks to insurance companies all send letters to customers with potential legal ramifications. This product will build out a workflow from a legally approved template, to variables, generation, legal review to printing and archiving. I have a pretty good solution but it still needs more polishing and then to be packaged and sold.

Quick Caption

Looking for: Advisor, Developer
Quick Caption is a search design tool for Instagram captions. It uses artificial intelligence and big data to help brands, influencers and marketers develop high return, data-driven captions on Instagram.

Teach students how to learn

Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
I am British-Indian and I am from East London. I did a Masters in Pharmacy a year and half ago and I used to help my peers and tutor. I had been self-employed up until last summer, and started this company in Autumn. I have made a company that is designed to teach students not only how to get a…

Revolutionary roller blinds

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
The roller blind market is obscure to most people, but it is in fact very large. The average amount people spend on blinds in their home is easily greater than that of the combined expenditure on electrical appliances like washing machine, fridge, dishwasher, etc. However, the product itself hasn't been significantly improved for decades. Leveraging breakthrough technologies, we are looking…

Software Development Outsourcing based on Mexico

Looking for: Biz developer, Sales person
I have 8+ years of experience on software development industry and have been worked the last 3 years as a freelance developer, but I want to do the next step and create a Software Outsourcing company with USA based clients and provide them with talented Mexican software engineers. This is not a new idea, this business model is called nearshore,…

Pedestrian Traffic Counts - Selling

Looking for: Biz developer
We obtain footage of sidewalks around the city, along with the location of each piece of footage that we find, and when the footage was taken. We could get this from buying CCTV footage from business owners, or stationing cameras at various places in the city. Finally, we can take footage from on top of apartment complexes, or from low…

Easy Snack Dispenser

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager
out of due respect for the one to help me , I would need an NDA for more info . Trust me , this will go far , to the moon and back ,,a one handed snack dispenser ,, with Patent #?any business option is welcome ?This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view…

A open source web browser app with a different approach.

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
I can't tell you much much here unfortunately but I know the idea will be a hit. I need people who will be able to:-build an Open source web browser app-monitor users run-time while using app-Connect users to relevant Ads The idea is to make something that will attract investors and eventually someone who will buy it.If you are interested…