iAudigi is like Netflix's for audiobooks

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iAudigi – Listening to audio books should be simple


I remember growing up and having story time in school, where the teacher would say "Gather around everyone, it's story time." I remember the stories of Matilda, and The Velveteen Rabbit. I loved story time. Years later that love of story time still remains. iAudigi isn't just a website. It's a time machine that takes us back. Back to being a kid again where we would all gather around with our legs crossed, ears open, eagerly awaiting to hear the story. iAudigi takes us to far away lands, where the adventures are endless. "Everyone gather around, it's story time."


iAudigi is an audiobook streaming website and mobile application. iAudigi brings the ability to stream unlimited audiobooks at a fraction of the cost of purchasing each audiobook. Unlike other companies our focus is the independent authors who we believe have stories that should be heard.


Why download when you can stream?

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