The UAV and drone industry is screaming for an efficient VTOL airframe...

Looking for: Developer
There is a huge hole in the UAV market which is begging to be filled.  The world wants a vertical take off drone which can also fly efficiently over long distances.  The current trend for accomplishing this is to basically bolt a quadcopter to an airplane, which gets the job done to a small extent but does not hover or fly very well.  I am developing a VTOL airframe which is efficient because it hovers with wings like a helicopter, then flies like an airplane using those same wings.  It also uses the same source of thrust for both hovering and flying.  This results in aerodynamic efficiency in both vertical and horizontal modes flight as well as component efficiency, since everything is being used all the time.  There are real world examples already in use of every technological requirement needed to make this concept a reality.  The technology exists, i am bringing it together in a new way...

Additional Info

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  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development