hyperlingo, the online translation marketplace

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
hyperlingo.com is an online translation marketplace, that connects freelance translators to buyers. Our vision is to create a free market for translation services based on fairness and free flows of information. Our mission is to provide the best translator for the job, in terms of price, quality, speed and service.

hyperlingo.com is similar to other freelancer marketplaces like Upwork, but we are focused exclusively on the translation market. This allows us to specialise and better serve this market. We take 10% commission for every job up front, and 90% is transferred directly from client to translator at job completion time.

We've recently launched our MVP and have started to sign up translators. The site features beautiful translator profiles, a job board, a translator search page, and an advanced job management area. Go to www.hyperlingo.com and see for yourself.

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