Coachilla - Coaching Marketplace - Find personal coaching to develop potential and reach goals

Coachilla is a coaching marketplace that connects consumers to personal coaching via calls & video. We help consumers find the right coach for any life issue including personal growth, career, health, relationships and more. For coaches we offer an effective platform to find new customers, in addition to tools to easily manage their online presence and online reputation. We believe that making coaching more approachable with the help of technology will help millions reach their full potential in life and work.   

According to International Coaching Federation the coaching industry is already a USD 2B market, with a consumer awareness of 58 % and annual growth of 8 %. Additionally a large part of coaching already takes place via calls and voip, generating a serviceable market of around USD 600M. Coachilla targets this market with its own (mobile) application by creating a strong branded identity, best user experience and having the lowest threshold to join. Consumers and coaches join for free, and Coachilla retains a revenue share on each session. 

We already have a clickable prototype of the application and are now looking for cofounders in design, software development and growth hacking. 

Come unleash your full potential with us!

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