"Hotornot + Tinder" UX for conference-goers to network professionally, based on research abstracts

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer

Oversimplification aside, KnowledgeWorthy starts off like a “hotornot for research,” and quickly becomes much more.  Our 1-pager and screenshots of our fully functional beta can be found at https://www.scireach.org/listing/knowledgeworthy/ .

 Today, when you go to a conference alongside thousands of conference-goers, finding new collaborators is almost entirely a matter of blind luck, tedious scouting prep, or your idiosyncratic professional clique. Instead imagine attending a conference workshop and getting a real-time push notification that there’s somebody else at the conference with similar Knowledge Taste as you. And that person also simultaneously gets a notification about you. If you both decide to meet, user identities and pictures are revealed and you can say “hi”!

Although the 'hotornot' functionality is up and running, the GPS-based “Tinder-like” functionality is the next incremental step on KW.

The social matching is based on how similarly users rate research abstracts, and they rate according to a Hotornot or Tinder-like UX. All this ratings data can help make conferences more efficient, and on a larger scale, can even make Smart Cities smarter.

We welcome you to check out some screen shots of our fully functional beta (launched at KnowledgeWorthy.org between November 2017 - March 2018) at https://www.scireach.org/listing/knowledgeworthy/ .  Our website has been temporarily taken offline as we return to a closed beta and search for additional co-founders.

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