Holistic Financial Advice

Looking for: Developer
The current state of financial planning is stuck in the 1900's. First you meet with a financial advisor, then you go dig through all of your personal records, fill out a data sheet, send it all in, go sit down with the advisor to discuss, then some weeks or months later you'll have a plan, which you'll then discuss with you advisor...you get the picture.

I'm looking to bring planning to the 21st century. This is most emphatically NOT another "robo advisor" for asset management. I'm talking about the big picture - how to manage your resources (time, health, social, financial) to maximize your quality of life. The focus will be on the financial aspect, as I think there are plenty of resources already available on the other three. The tool will bring everything together to create an action plan for the user - something that is clear, concise, and will keep the user accountable. I see this as providing the overall plan, where the individual parts can then be executed with existing infrastructure (i.e. go to wealthfront for your asset management, turbo tax for your tax preparation, etc. etc.).

I have the financial knowledge through 4 years in the personal finance industry. I need a developer to help create the user experience that I envision. There is absolutely nothing like it out there currently (I've searched far and wide, and the focus is always asset management - asset based fees scale nicely).

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea