"Her Name In a Song" iOS App

Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Persongalize, an iOS Application that allows users to send and receive high quality personalized love songs. 

My co-founder and I are both musicians with years of technical and production experience. In the spring of 2012, we conceived the idea of writing and recording personal love songs featuring virtually every female name sung inside the songs. Within two months we wrote and recorded over 2,500 songs with 4 different music genres (rock, pop, country and soft rock). Our goal was to integrate the songs into an iOS application. At the time, we had no experience with app development or marketing. By the fall of 2012 we were able to develop the application in a simple format: the songs were uploaded to iTunes and the app simply linked users to iTunes. The launch of the app was exciting, we were able to market the app into the top charts in the music category in the AppStore for almost three days (right before valentines day), and to date we have sold 751 songs totalling $653.20 in revenue.

This past year, my cofounder and I pursued other projects together, unfortunately Persongalize lost steam during this time, however, we want to boot the app back up, redevelop and relaunch it. We know we can provide value, we know that we have something unique here. We have all 2,500+ songs ready to launch.

So here's what we are looking for: Another co-founder who would specialize in the development of the application while we specialize in the production of the music and UI design. As I mentioned before, the first version of the app simply linked users to iTunes, we want to change that model to something like this:

-The songs would be integrated into the app itself, (perhaps the mp3 files would be hosted from a server).
-Users would be able to somehow send songs to other iOS users, perhaps through text message?
-The songs would be free as well as the app itself, the early focus would be to acquire users. 

AppStore Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/persongalize/id549268975?mt=8

Here is a link to the songs, there are essentially three main songs, each song just has a different name sung inside of it: https://soundcloud.com/persongalize

 Plese feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions etc. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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